Funtime DoReMe

The Funtime Doreme Course is for children aged from 3½ to 5 years old. This Course is specially designed for children by integrating the various pedagogy approaches into a continuous music developmental process, providing your child with an all-rounded musical experience.

Being the child’s first exposure to music lessons, a group environment is highly motivating for a young child, and the chance to have hands-on practical lessons with the piano and violin greatly helps a child determine his/her musical inclinations. The course will encompass creative expressions and performance experiences in singing, movement and playing the keyboard, violin and percussion instruments, making it the best choice for a child’s first interaction and introduction to music.

Why Funtime DoReME?
Performance Opportunities

No matter what level you're at, all students of our Funtime DoReMe course will have the opportunity to participate in Talento, Edvox’s highly anticipated and annual end-year concert in Singapore, as well as other student recitals and music competitions.

Baby Shark
Baby Shark 2018 VCH
Lion King
Lion King 2019 SCH
End Term Showcase
End Term Showcase
SOTA Concert Hall 2017
SOTA Concert Hall 2017

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