Piano Lesson

Edvox Music School conducts: beginner individual piano lessons, intermediate individual piano lessons, advanced individual piano lessons, piano lessons for children, piano lessons for adults and piano lesson for leisure

Benefits of our piano course

Edvox Piano Course curriculum inculcates piano playing technique and fosters a sound understanding of various musical rudiments, rhythmic awareness, note-reading, aural training, hand-eye coordination, harmony and a good musical sense. Being involved in all aspects of the curriculum will enable students to develop good postures and techniques, enrich their musical skills and repertoire knowledge, perform confidently and cultivate strong musical awareness and musicianship. Young piano students and adult piano learners may choose to sit for the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) examinations.

Good ABRSM Exam Results

Congratulations to our piano students & piano teachers for achieving High Distinctions in ABRSM Piano Exam. You can achieve great results just like them. Let us show you how.

ABRSM Grade 8 Piano 143
ABRSM Grade 8 Piano 136
Performance Opportunities

No matter what level you're at, all students of our piano course will have the opportunity to participate in Talento, Edvox’s highly anticipated and annual year-end concert in Singapore, as well as other student recitals and music competitions. Talented piano students of higher performance ability can audition for the chance to perform as soloists during the concert. If our piano students can perform in the student recitals and concerts, so can you!

piano duet
Piano Duet YST 2010
Piano Competition
Kadenza 2018 1st Prize
Mak Yau Wai Grade 8 133
Mak Yau Wai Grade 8 133
Piano Solo Alliance Francaise
Piano Solo Alliance Francaise

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